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Riding Tours

All the ride we offer are private. It is just you and your friends/ family.

Riding Tours: Voyages organisés

The river ride


Experienced riders

We will start from the horse rental and ride in the valley where the sheep and their lamps are staying over the summer. Then, you and the horse will cool down by going over a big river. On the other side of the river, we will ride on the noth valley of breiddalur


The rocky ride

3 hours

Experienced riders

From the horse rental, we will ride to a little canyon. We will ride over rivers.

Beach Ride

2 hours

Experienced riders

Depending on the sea level time


Something else ?

x €

You are thinking about a longer ride ? You have young kids who want to ride ?
Just contact me and I will do my best to find something for you !




Beginners & experienced riders

You want to experience tolt and go out for a fun ride ? Then you should come on Lampbay. We will start from the horse rental, ride by the church. Then, up the hill, we will have an amazing view on a bay with free sheep and the ocean. Down Lampbay, we will probably meet some sheep and their lamp, different birds. To finish the ride, we will ride in a field where I keep my foals and the mares in the summer time.

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